Transformational Technologies in P&C Personal Lines: Insurer Progress, Plans, and Projections

An SMA Research Report

Publication Date:
December 11, 2019
Number of Pages:
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Transformational technologies are poised to fundamentally alter the personal lines insurance sector over the next five to ten years. In some ways, the effects are already being felt. SMA research has tracked insurer plans and progress in relation to technologies over the last decade. The trends tell the story of an industry responding to the general world of technology, particularly in regard to the customer, and the impact technology is having at a discrete personal insurance operational level.

This report identifies eleven technologies that SMA has categorized as “transformational” in the personal lines space. Insurance executives were surveyed about their perspectives and plans for each specific technology – which ones are most likely to contribute to industry transformation, where insurers are already actively engaging, and what insurer investment plans are for the future. A set of recommendations are also provided.

2019 12 11 PL Transformational Tech


Table of Contents

  • Personal Lines and Transformational Technologies 3
  • Transformational Technology Rankings 4
  • Individual Technology Analyses 5
  • Conclusions and Call to Action 14
  • About Strategy Meets Action 15