Top 50 InsurTechs in P&C Insurance

An SMA Research Report

Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner
Karen Furtado, Partner
Mark A. Breading, Partner
Karen Pauli, Principal
Publication Date:
April 16, 2020
Number of Pages:
$1,495.00 USD

SMA has compiled a list of the top 50 InsurTech startups in the North American market to assist P&C insurers in making decisions about who to partner with and who may be potential competitors. For nearly a decade, the InsurTech movement has been influencing the insurance industry, from both the business and technology perspectives. Around 1500 startups have entered the market with varying degrees of success. SMA has been following the InsurTech movement since its early days, and at this point, winners are emerging. 

The recently released report, Top 50 InsurTechs in P&C Insurance, provides a snapshot of each InsurTech, identifying lines of business, business areas, investment impact, a sample of customers and partners, and SMA’s commentary on the organization. In addition, a list of promising InsurTechs that are relatively new to the market or that are new to the North American market is provided. There are also sections on new digital brands and a representative sampling of successful exits through acquisitions. An SMA Conclusion and Call to Action wraps up the report.

Table of Contents

  • Top InsurTechs by Line of Business 3
  • Top InsurTechs by Business Area 4
  • InsurTech Transitions from Quantity to Quality 5
  • The Top 50 List for P&C North America 5
  • Other InsurTechs Worthy of Consideration 32
  • Digital Brands 33
  • Successful Exits 34
  • Conclusion and SMA Call to Action 35
  • About Strategy Meets Action 36