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Title Author Company Profiled Topic(s) Release Date  
The Changing Face of Modernization Karen Furtado NTT DATA Core 06-2014 Download
Cover-All Dev Studio Karen Furtado Cover-All Core 03-2014 Download
Achieving the Ultimate 360: Insurance Experience: Gaining New Vision and New Value in the Digital Era Mark Breading and Karen Furtado EIS Core 09-2015 Download
Changing the Conversation: Business Transformation Through Cloud Karen Furtado Accenture Duck Creek, Instec, Insurity, ISCS Core, Maturing Technology 12-2015 Download
Core Systems, Analytics, and the Data Explosion Karen Furtado, Karen Pauli Duck Creek Technologies, Equifax, Guidewire Softwa Core 11-2016 Download
Next-Level Digitization for ISO Electronic Rating Contentâ„¢ Karen Furtado, Karen Pauli ISO Policy, Core 01-2018 Download
The Power of Speed in Insurance: Enabling Speed to Market Through Responsive Core Systems Mark Breading and Karen Furtado EIS Core 05-2020 Download
Modern Core Systems Enabling Transformation: Use Cases to Modernize, Optimize, and Innovate Mark Breading and Karen Furtado Britecore Core 07-2020 Download
Digital Customer Engagement in Insurance Mark Breading Pitney Bowes Software Customer 06-2014 Download
The Insurance Customer Experience Mark Breading Customer 05-2015 Download
The Coming Revolution in Life Customer Acquisition Mark Breading Customer 04-2014 Download
Enabling Collaboration in Insurance Mark Breading Customer 03-2014 Download
The Future is Now-Sales Enablement Solutions for Insurers Mark Breading Customer, Insurance Sales 04-2014 Download
Capitalizing on the Customer Experience Mark Breading Cincom Customer 03-2014 Download
Decision-Driven Marketing … maximizing customer engagement Deb Smallwood SAS Customer, Marketing 08-2014 Download
CRM In Insurance: New Opportunities in the Digital Age Mark Breading HP Exstream, Avanade Customer 09-2015 Download
Customer Service Excellence in Insurance Mark Breading Interactive Intelligence Customer 10-2015 Download
The Top 5 Insurance Customer Experience Trends: Capitalizing on Shifts Mark Breading HP Customer 03-2016 Download
The Insurance Customer Journey in the Digital Age Mark Breading Interactive Intelligence Customer 08-2016 Download
Building Loyalty and Engagement Through Digital Experience in Insurance Mark Breading, Karen Furtado EIS Customer 06-2017 Download

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