The P&C Distribution Tech Landscape

Companies, Solutions, and Partnership Opportunities for Agent-Carrier Connectivity

Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Heather Turner, Lead Research Analyst
Publication Date:
December 28, 2023
Number of Pages:
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Insurance distribution is becoming an increasingly competitive and complex area. Agents, brokers, and MGAs play a vital role, acting as both an intermediary between policyholders and carriers and as a trusted advisor to insureds.  While carriers have benefited from increased automation and efficiency gains in recent years, processes for distributors have remained largely manual. The tide is beginning to change as solutions emerge specifically for distributors. As new players enter the market, distributors must focus efforts on streamlining their processes, responding to changing customer expectations, elevating the roles of their employees, and expanding their market reach. To do so, they recognize the need to capitalize on digital solutions. The spotlight is on distributors to adapt their partnership and long-term distribution model.

This report explores recent trends that are shaping the landscape, from vendors taking different paths to revenue to emerging solutions addressing pre-submission challenges. More than just a high-level overview, the report examines the complex distribution value chain, dividing the pipeline into pre-submission, submission, and post-submission segments. The report concludes with informed predictions for future P&C insurance distribution trends and provides an appendix with available distribution solutions for agents, brokers, and MGAs. 

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Table of Contents

  • Digital Innovation Transforms Insurance Distribution 4
  • The Distribution Value Chain 5
  • Pre-Submission Capabilities 7
  • Leads
  • Risk/Needs Analysis
  • Appetite
  • Pre-Submission Call to Action
  • Submission Capabilities 10
  • Pre-Fill
  • Submission
  • Comparative Rating
  • Submission Call to Action
  • Post-Submission Capabilities 13
  • Quote
  • Quote/Policy Check
  • Bind
  • Post-Submission Call to Action
  • Other Tech-Centric Approaches to Distribution 15
  • Conclusion 16
  • Vendor/Solution Appendix 17
  • About ReSource Pro Consulting 21
  • Use of Our Reports
  • About the Authors