The New Face of M&A: Dawn of Next-Gen Insurer Business Models

An SMA Research Brief

Denise Garth, Partner
Publication Date:
March 2, 2014
Number of Pages:
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There is a new trend in M&A in the industry, and technology companies are becoming a part of the M&A fabric. The insurance industry and the overall technology market are deploying large amounts of capital to pursue growth, innovation, and market-entry opportunities that have the potential to create business models never seen before.

The acquisitions reviewed in this report include: Google and, Monsanto and Climate Corporation, MarketScout and NorthPoint, and Quindell and ingenie. The companies highlighted in this report have four key areas in common: a niche market, customer centricity, data and analytics, and next generation technology. The combination of these four elements reinforces how M&A activities are creating power and flexibility as well as how business models are being reimagined and new opportunities being pursued.   

This SMA Research Brief emphasizes that insurers must become customer-centric; rethink and reimagine how they develop, package, and deliver products and services; and use technology to customize and personalize offerings. Forward thinking companies are beginning to define that destination – and they are doing it with a new view of M&A that is reshaping traditional insurance business models. This new face of M&A is creating new competition and injecting a new level of transformation into the industry.   

Table of Contents

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  • Insurance Implications 4
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  • About Strategy Meets Action 8
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