The Digital Insurer: A Framework for Enterprise Capabilities in the Digital Age

Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Monique Hesseling, Partner
Publication Date:
December 17, 2014
Number of Pages:
$995.00 USD

Insurers are striving to develop digital enterprise capabilities. The imperative today is to bring together all the individual digital capabilities into a unifying framework, resulting in a holistic approach to becoming a digital insurer. This research report introduces SMA’s Digital Insurer Framework, which provides a business architecture of the critical components required to become a digital insurer.

The Digital Insurer report addresses key strategies and how they must be integrated. Examples include customer experience and omni-channel strategies, a unified digital strategy, and elements covering security, data management, analytics, digital content, core capabilities, and infrastructure.


Figure 1 provides an example of one central element of the digital insurer framework: the unified digital strategy.

20141217 Digital Insurer



Table of Contents

  • The Digital Insurer Journey 3
  • The Digital Insurer Framework 3
  • Customer Experience 4
  • Omni-Channel Strategy 5
  • Unified Digital Strategy 6
  • Security Strategy 9
  • Data Management and Analytics Strategies 9
  • Digital Content Strategy 10
  • Core Business Capabilities 11
  • Infrastructure 11
  • SMA Call to Action 12
  • About the Research and Strategy Meets Action 13