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An SMA Research Paper


Richard Welch, Guest Author

Mark A. Breading, Partner

Publication Date: February 15, 2013

Number of Pages: 23

Price: $1,495.00 USD

Usage-based insurance (UBI) is poised to transform the personal auto insurance market over the next 5-10 years. This SMA Research Report provides a quantitative and qualitative review of the current UBI programs in the market, and insurer’s expectations regarding how the market will evolve. The report, based on an insurer survey and extensive interviews, is a companion to Telematics/Usage-Based Insurance: A Catalyst for Change, published in November 2012. All personal lines auto insurers, agents/brokers, IT solution providers, and other industry participants will find this report valuable. Figure 5 from the report illustrates the specific types of data insurers are using for pricing.

Figure 5 Telematics Data for Pricing

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 3
  • Current Market, Programs, and Data Usage 5
  • Implementation Plans and Projections 12
  • SMA Call to Action 18
  • About the Research and SMA 20