Reflections on Emerging Tech and the Connected World: Implications for Insurers

An SMA Research Report

Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Publication Date:
October 20, 2016
Number of Pages:
$395.00 USD

Developments in emerging tech, the connected world, and InsurTech are progressing at a dizzying pace. And the implications for the insurance industry are significant. This report is a collection of 20 SMA blogs written over the past year by SMA Partner Mark Breading that explores these topics and what they all mean for insurers, business, and society-at-large. The report also includes an analysis of the key trends from the past year.

The report covers broad topic areas such as InsurTech and the digital, connected world and also dives into specific incidents, events, and technologies that made the news during this period. The blogs were original published on the SMA web site from November 2015 through October 2016.   


 20161020 ConnectedWorld



Table of Contents

  • Insurance in a Time of Change 3
  • InsurTech and Digital Ecosystems 4
  • InsurTech and MatureTech: Blending the New with the Old
  • Does InsurTech Matter? Thinking About Implications
  • The New Digital Ecosystems: Not Your Father’s Insurance Industry
  • Emerging Tech Highlights and Implications 7
  • Emerging Technologies: Best Dream or Worst Nightmare for P&C Insurers?
  • Virtual Reality in Insurance: Slow Down, You Move Too Fast
  • The Top 10 Ways Emerging Tech Will Transform Insurance
  • Connected World and Emerging Tech Adoption: The Insurer’s Dilemma
  • Insights from 1000 Posts on Emerging Tech and Innovation
  • Trends in Vehicles and Transportation 12
  • Transportation Transformation: Poised for Takeoff
  • Our Autonomous Future: Lessons from the Tesla and Hoboken Crashes
  • Telematics in Insurance: Beyond Pricing
  • New Connected Car Offerings: A Broadside to Insurers
  • Smart Homes and Things 17
  • Home is Where the (Smart) Hub Is
  • Smart Themes with Big Implications for Insurers
  • The IoT in Insurance: Beyond the Wow Factor
  • Implications of a Connected World 20
  • Geospatial Solutions: A Vital Enabler of the Connected World
  • Will the Connected World Create a Nation of Mindless Sloths?
  • How Connected Will the Connected World Be?
  • Hacking the Connected World: (Downright Scary) Implications for Insurers
  • The Missing Element at the Consumer Electronics Show: Insurers
  • Resources for Further Review 26
  • About Strategy Meets Action 26