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An SMA eBook


Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner

Mark A. Breading, Partner

Publication Date: November 16, 2022

Number of Pages: 17

Price: $1,495.00 USD

The personal lines segment is often the leader of transformation in the insurance industry. In particular, the segment has led the way in leveraging data to automate business, including within underwriting.

This new eBook explains the current state of personal lines underwriting transformation based on a survey of insurer executives. The eBook includes the factors influencing changes within underwriting, the progress the industry has made, the investments insurers are pursuing, and the role of underwriters in driving innovation. It also provides the areas personal lines insurers should focus on to continue their underwriting transformation journeys now and in the future.

The Future of Personal Lines Underwriting 600x400

Table of Contents

  • The Future of Personal Lines Underwriting 3
  • Imagine a World of Possibilities
  • Change is Accelerating
  • 2030 Vision: The Future of Underwriting
  • What is Driving Underwriting Transformation? 6
  • Challenges Impacting Culture 7
  • The Underwriting Process Journey 8
  • The Evolution of Underwriting Roles 9
  • The Underwriter Transformation
  • Underwriters – the Internal Influencers
  • The Technology Driving Underwriting Change 11
  • Moving Tech Forward – Fast
  • Mission Critical Data / Analytics
  • The Investments Driving Change
  • Call to Action 14
  • About SMA 15
  • Services
  • About the Authors