P&C Claims in 2023 and Beyond: Balancing Automation, AI, and Human Expertise

Richard Vonesh, Senior Management Consultant
Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Publication Date:
June 22, 2023
Number of Pages:
$1,495.00 USD

Claims has undergone tremendous change in the past decade. External forces have pushed carriers to rethink their claims operations. But to their credit, many carriers have made substantial – and improved – changes to the people, processes, partnerships, technology, and data in their claims ecosystem. 

This ReSource Pro research report provides insights into the current state of claims and the pressures influencing carriers’ responses today. The report also provides a look at the direction claims is heading in the next several years, the evolving role of adjusters amid increasing automation, and how claims organizations can strategize and balance human expertise and technology to improve claims management and enhance service delivery in the future.  

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Table of Contents

  • Claims: A Decade of Change 3
  • Pressures Impacting Claims
  • Responses from Carriers
  • Big Themes in P&C Claims Today 7
  • The Future of Claims 8
  • AI and the Role of the Adjuster
  • Call to Action 10
  • About ReSource Pro 11
  • Use of Our Reports
  • About the Authors