Managing Policy Documents: Trends in Using Policy Administration Systems (PAS) and Customer Communications Management (CCM)

An SMA Research Brief

Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Karen Furtado, Partner
Publication Date:
August 6, 2014
Number of Pages:
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Many insurers are faced with determining the best approach for producing and delivering policy related documents to customers. This research report looks at the alternates – including the policy administration system and customer communications management (CCM) system. Based on surveys from 2012 and 2014, the report identifies trends and approaches used for specific types of documents. In addition, it addresses the challenges, the role of industry forms, and partnership activity related to Policy and CCM vendors.

 Managing Policy Documents answers the following questions:

  • Which software solutions are insurers using for quotes, policy dec sets, renewal notices, and other customer documents?
  • What are the strengths and limitations of using a Policy Administration System (PAS) or a CCM solution to create policy related documents?
  • What are the challenges faced by insurers in the production of policy documents?  
  • What are the role and current usage of industry forms related to key policy documents? (Top sources of forms for key document types are identified).
  • How is the solution provider marketplace evolving to address the needs of insurers? (Specific partnerships are identified in the report).

 The research brief closes with SMA’s signature Call to Action, providing guidelines for insurers on moving forward to determine the best approach for their companies.

Figure 1 shows the usage of industry forms for various customer documents.

20140806 Managing Policy Docs PAS CCM 

Table of Contents

  • Managing Policy Documents 2
  • Approaches for Individual Document Types 2
  • Considerations and Challenges 3
  • Marketplace Activity 6
  • SMA Call to Action 7
  • About the Research and Strategy Meets Action 8