Insurance Vendors' Sales and Marketing Plans in 2024

Budgets and Priorities in a Competitive P&C Market

Tom Benton, Partner
Publication Date:
October 31, 2023
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In an increasingly competitive technology market, vendors face pressure to innovate and differentiate both products and brand image. Evolving consumer preferences, digital maturity, and the prevalence of social media require proactive and strategic planning to stay ahead of market trends. Investment and development of strong sales and marketing initiatives are essential for insurance vendors to succeed in the dynamic marketplace.  

This research report examines new findings on how vendors are approaching sales and marketing budgets, with a comprehensive analysis of top sales and marketing priorities for 2024. The report concludes with a set of recommendations vendors can implement to improve marketing effectiveness for the upcoming year. 

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Table of Contents

  • About This Research Report 3
  • Key Marketing Themes for Tech Vendors in 2024 4
  • Marketing Budget Projections and Priorities 5
  • Budget Allocations by Marketing Area
  • Marketing Initiatives in 2024 7
  • Thought Leadership Plans
  • Conference Plans
  • Call To Action 11
  • About ReSource Pro Consulting 12
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  • About the Author