Insurance in 2015: A Pivotal Year

An SMA Research Report

Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner
Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Publication Date:
January 4, 2016
Number of Pages:
$395.00 USD

This research brief contains SMA’s reflections on 2015, in the form of the top 10 trends that laid the foundation for the pivotal year and positioned the insurance industry for an amazing 2016 and the years beyond. The trends are dominated and enabled by technology developments, which continue to be interwoven into the fabric of insurance. 

2015 was an eventful and significant year for the insurance industry. Many will pinpoint 2015 as a pivotal year – the turning point in the transformation of the business of insurance. External influencers and rapid technology advancements are resulting in major shifts in strategy, areas of focus, and investment. Many insurers are thinking big – beyond the typical step change and toward bold moves that will establish them as leaders in the digital age.