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IT Solution Provider Landscape


Karen Furtado, Partner

Mark A. Breading, Partner

Publication Date: February 11, 2010

Number of Pages: 19

Price: $1,495.00 USD

This report profiles the North American IT solution provider marketplace to assess how it is evolving to meet the needs of property and casualty insurers. SMA research indicates that insurers are continuing to invest in IT to ride the wave of economic recovery and capitalize on future opportunities: 41% plan to increase or significantly increase IT budgets in 2010. IT providers have an exceptional window of opportunity over the next three years to support this wave of recovery with innovative solutions.

Two dimensions of insight on the solution provider marketplace are provided in the research: first, an analysis of the characteristics of the companies that provide solutions to North American property and casualty insurers and second, new perspectives on the offerings available in the marketplace.

SMA had developed an extensive database of IT solution providers that are offering insurance-specific solutions for property and casualty insurers in North America.  The number of providers is currently near 500, and the count is growing. In such a dynamic environment, it is a challenge for insurers seeking solutions to get a clear perspective of what solutions exists and how they are evolving to meet the demands of business. To clarify, SMA has divided the IT solution provider offerings into four primary categories: Data, Applications, Tools and Engines, and Services.

This report discusses the role of the different types of offerings for each insurance capability area identifies key trends such as the increasing use of data-centric solutions in conjunction with analytic tools, and discusses potential changes in the future solution provider landscape.

A variety of organizations will find information in this report useful:

  • For insurers, the content provides a clear picture of the IT providers in the marketplace, the various types of offerings available for each capability area and an assessment of how IT offerings are evolving to meet the needs of property and casualty insurers.
  • For IT solution providers, SMA presents a comprehensive analysis of the different types of offerings in the marketplace and offers market intelligence useful in understanding new types of competitors and potential partners. The insight into trends in offerings for the property and casualty marketplace will help IT solution providers refine offering development and go-to-market plans.


Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 1
  • Supporting the Wave 2
  • About the Research 3
  • Current IT Solution Provider Landscape 4
  • Solution Provider Offering Assessment 7
  • Future Solution Provider Landscape 13
  • Strategy Meets Action 15
  • Research Methodology and Objectivity 16
  • Appendix 17
  • Key Business Drivers for 2010 3
  • SMA Top 10 Imperatives Overview 4