Insurance Ecosystem: Managing the Wave

Technology Spending and Solution Alignment

Karen Furtado, Partner
Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Publication Date:
November 12, 2009
Number of Pages:
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This ground-breaking research report looks at how well insurance solution offerings meet the needs and wants of insurers by analyzing where there is alignment and where gaps exist, identifying opportunities for both insurers and IT solution providers as the industry rides the wave back into growth and profitability. The remarkably large number of providers in the marketplace should theoretically give insurers many choices, yet insurers still report that in some key areas, they lack the solutions necessary to meet their requirements.  The study recognizes the myth of the "average insurer" and provides analysis by size of insurer, major line of business, and capability area and provides actionable insights and conclusions.

For insurers, the findings and conclusions are useful for benchmarking as well as analyzing current business drivers, understanding the strength of the solutions available in the marketplace, and looking at the technology approaches being employed. For IT solution providers, the insights provide valuable information for recalibrating development strategies and sharpening marketing plans and messages. 

The analysis is framed through investigation of several key areas and explores all areas of the SMA Capability Model:

  • Business drivers -- the triggers insurers say are driving IT investment and the factors solution providers see as spurring demand for IT solutions
  • IT spending plans -- the implications of insurers' view of the budget picture
  • Functional capability areas -- a close look at where insurers are focusing their attention and what providers are doing to meet perceived requirements
  • Solution choices -- insight on marketplace perceptions regarding the quality and quantity of solutions available



Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 1
  • Managing the Wave 2
  • About the Research 4
  • Business Drivers for IT Spending 6
  • IT Spending and Plans by Capability 12
  • IT Solution Provider Landscape 24
  • Strategy Meets Action 27
  • Research Methodology and Objectivity 28