Insurance Ecosystem: Guide to the Marketplace

Mark A. Breading, Partner
Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner
Publication Date:
October 20, 2009
Number of Pages:
$1,495.00 USD

The Marketplace Guide for Insurance is the foundational report in the SMA Insurance Ecosystem Research Series, providing baseline information about the insurance industry in a comprehensive yet concise manner. Experienced insurance professionals will benefit from a conceptual view of the insurance world that takes a different and broader perspective than is typical. Individuals and businesses that are new to the industry or are considering joining or selling to insurers will find this report a great starting point for understanding the fundamentals and all of the pieces that make up the industry.

The report evaluates the insurance industry in North America based on four interrelated dimensions:

  • Capabilities. Using the SMA Capabilities Model to describe the functional capability areas of the insurance business
  • Segments. Using the standard industry groupings to describe line-of-business segments
  • Tiers. Using a four-tier model for insurers based on company size
  • Partners. Using an SMA conceptual model to describe the wide variety of companies, organizations, and associations that participate in the business of insurance

In addition, the Guide to the Marketplace highlights the role of information technology in insurance and discusses IT spending projections and trends.

Note:  This report can be purchased separately or is included in the purchase price of the other Ecosystem Wave Reports.


Participants in the Insurance Industry

Table of Contents

  • A Fresh Perspective on Insurance and Information Technology 1
  • What Is the Insurance Ecosystem? 3
  • The Role of Information Technology 9
  • Insurance Ecosystem: A Complete View 12
  • About the Research 13