Insurance and the Innovation Journey: Lessons From a Decade of Progress

An SMA e-book

Publication Date:
November 8, 2019
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$995.00 USD

The property/casualty insurance industry began a new wave of innovation almost a decade ago that has been gaining momentum over the past few years. This research e-book leverages research SMA has conducted on innovation over the past decade and insights from advising insurers on their innovation journeys. The e-book describes how innovation has spread across the industry, the various organizational approaches that insurers have taken, and how innovation has fueled bold new strategies and initiatives. Also included is an innovation call to action that identifies specific actions insurers can incorporate into their strategies.

Figure 1. The Scope, Organization, and Impact of Innovation in the Industry Has Dramatically Changed Over the Last Decade in Insurance

2019 11 07 Innovation eBook.png


Table of Contents

  • Introduction 3
  • Innovation Scope 4
  • Organizational Approach 7
  • Industry Impact 11
  • About Strategy Meets Action 15
  • Our Knowledge Experts 16