Innovation in the Insurance Customer Experience: Strategic Considerations for Insurers

An SMA Research Brief

Mark A. Breading, Partner
Publication Date:
August 26, 2013
Number of Pages:
$395.00 USD

Many insurers are making improved customer experiences a centerpiece of their strategy, and are discovering that innovation plays a key role in their transformation to a customer-centric enterprise. Creating exceptional customer experiences begins by capitalizing on every interaction with prospects and policyholders to learn and understand more about their needs and behaviors. This research brief identifies eight factors to consider when designing the customer experience in insurance.

This brief is the first in a series. The second report will focus on shifting from strategy to execution. Innovation in the Insurance Customer Experience: Examples and Guiding Principles will highlight the top 10 most innovative approaches to the customer experience in insurance and provide guiding principles for undertaking an initiative to improve the customer experience.