How P&C Insurance Vendors Are Responding to the Battle for Talent

Karen Furtado, Partner
Tom Benton, Partner
Publication Date:
June 29, 2022
Number of Pages:
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The momentous trends that have emerged because of the pandemic have forever changed workforces across industries. From flexible work models to widespread resignations, employers now face new challenges that affect how they approach their talent strategies. But to what extent have these recent trends impacted vendors serving the property & casualty insurance industry specifically?

This SMA report includes new research on how insurance vendors are developing plans around attracting, retaining, and retraining employees in 2022 and beyond. The report also includes recommendations on the ways vendors can upgrade their talent initiatives and stand out in a competitive job market.


Table of Contents

  • Key Talent Themes for Insurance Vendors 3
  • Insurance Vendors’ Talent Strategies in the Post-Pandemic Era 4
  • Top Talent Objectives
  • Talent Objectives Based On Vendor Characteristics
  • The Strategic Importance of Attracting, Retaining, and Retraining Talent 7
  • Insights Into Attracting New Talent
  • Insights Into Retaining and Retraining Existing Talent
  • SMA Call to Action 11
  • About Strategy Meets Action 12
  • Use of Our Report
  • About the Authors