Google and Insurance: Far Reaching Implications

An SMA Research Brief

Denise Garth, Partner
Publication Date:
January 31, 2014
Number of Pages:
$995.00 USD

Google has really ratcheted up the innovation momentum they started 2-3 years ago by broadening their digital, mobile, and data presence, and in doing so has raised the potential impact on the insurance industry. These developments continue to push Google forward in their innovation journey, moving them well beyond their platform for searches, marketing, and advertising and embedding their technology into the lives of every user, gathering new data to use in new, innovative ways.

This SMA Research Brief highlights key Google acquisitions and initiatives, identifies implications for the insurance industry, and concludes with an SMA call to action, including recommendations for insurers. All participants in the insurance ecosystem will benefit by understanding how these initiatives may impact the industry, including insurers, reinsurers, distribution partners, IT solution providers, and industry associations.   

Table of Contents

  • In the News 2
  • Insurance Implications 3
  • SMA Call to Action 6
  • About Strategy Meets Action 7
  • Recommended Reading and Sources Sited 8