Foundational Technologies in Commercial Lines Insurance: Investment, Adoption, and Business Areas

An SMA Research Report

Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner
Karen Furtado, Partner
Mark A. Breading, Partner
Karen Pauli, Principal
Publication Date:
June 26, 2019
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SMA research indicates that over half of P&C insurers are in transformation mode. For commercial lines insurers, the need to transform is driven by forces new to the segment: customer experience, process transparency, and unprecedented risk complexity. For some lines of business, underwriting and claims will be a bit more “art than science” for the near term. For other lines, most specifically small business/workers’ compensation, the pressure is on. New, competing channels with innovative products are rapidly changing the competitive landscape. Given the urgent external factors driving the need to change, it may seem that adopting the newest, leading-edge technology is the way to go, and it is true that emerging technology is a critical part of the transformation journey. But without a modern technology foundation, suboptimal delivery or even failure is likely. 

This report provides survey results on investment, maturity, business area focus, and SMA trend analysis for 26 technologies that form the foundation upon which commercial lines organizations can drive transformation initiatives. The report is segmented into three areas: digital, core, and data and analytics. While commercial lines may be adopting some foundational technologies for the first time, others are in a second generation. Understanding industry trends as they relate to internal strategic initiatives has never been more critical.

The following is an example of one of the project areas (Digital Platform) shown in the report. 

 20190621 Commercial Lines Foundational Tech



Table of Contents

  • Transformation Journeys in Insurance 3
  • Foundational Technologies and Project Priorities 4
  • Digital Enablement 6
  • Core 13
  • Data and Analytics 25
  • SMA Call to Action 32
  • About Strategy Meets Action 33