Emerging Technologies in P&C

Mark A. Breading, Partner
Publication Date:
September 21, 2015
Number of Pages:
$395.00 USD

Emerging technologies have the potential to transform the property/casualty insurance industry, according to a recent SMA survey of insurance executives. This report addresses the current activity and future potential of twelve emerging technologies that are expected to have the highest impact for P&C, such as the Internet of Things, wearables, driverless vehicles, drones, new payment technologies, and others. The research covers a 10 year time frame, and assesses each technology according to its potential impact over time. A number of technologies will have a significant impact within 3 years, while many of the remaining technologies will have important implications throughout the next decade.

The specific insurance business areas are evaluated to determine which technologies will have the most impact, and insurer strategies and investment plans are identified through 2018.