Emerging Technologies in P&C Insurance: 2016 and Beyond

An SMA Research Report

Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Publication Date:
September 13, 2016
Number of Pages:
$995.00 USD

This research report assesses thirteen emerging technologies in the context of P&C insurers’ progress and plans. These include technologies that are primarily physical, such as drones, the Internet of Things, and wearables, and a second group of technologies that are more virtual in nature. Examples of virtual technologies include artificial intelligence, blockchain, gamification, and others. It might not be completely evident today, but this research shows that there is a great deal of activity, investment, and innovative thinking going on in insurance.

The report identifies P&C insurer plans for each technology, including how many are developing strategies, piloting, or implementing solutions in production, what insurer’s investment plans are over the next 3 years, and which technologies executives believe will have the biggest impact on the P&C industry. 


20160913 EmergingTechPC 



Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 3
  • Emerging Tech Snapshots 5
  • Insurer Activity Rankings 8
  • Investment in Emerging Technologies 9
  • SMA Call to Action 10
  • About Strategy Meets Action 11