Digital Transformation in Insurance: Discovering The Pathway to Digital Maturity

An SMA Research Report

Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner
Publication Date:
April 20, 2018
Number of Pages:
$995.00 USD

There is a lot of confusion about what digital means for insurers. This report introduces the SMA Digital Maturity Model to assist insurers in defining the scope of digital for their organizations and developing a digital strategy. The model addresses moving through three phases of digital maturity and provides examples of strategies and plans for each phase. The three phases described are Digital Assets, Digital Experiences, and Digital Transformation.


20180420 DigitalTransformation



Table of Contents

  • Defining Digital 3
  • Looking Through a New Lens 4
  • Digital Is the New Reality 5
  • The Digital Maturity Model Framework 9
  • Pathway to Digital Transformation 10
  • Digital Transformation Use Case:The Music Industry
  • Digital Transformation Use Case:The Insurance Industry
  • SMA Call to Action 15
  • About the Research and Strategy Meets Action 16