Data and Analytics in Insurance: P&C View Through 2020

An SMA Research Report

Karen Pauli, Principal
Publication Date:
July 18, 2017
Number of Pages:
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This SMA report explores both the current state and future plans for data and analytics in the property and casualty industry in North America. The report addresses insurers’ business and IT priorities and plans for leveraging data and investigates how business intelligence and advanced analytics are being applied for both strategic and operational advantage.

Data and Analytics in Insurance: P&C View Through 2020 answers the following questions: 

  • What are the big trends in data and analytics in insurance today?
  • Which parts of the business are leveraging analytics today? In which types of new projects are insurers investing?
  • Which types of analytics tools and approaches are gaining favor with insurers?
  • What roles do big data and emerging analytics approaches have?
  • How are insurers dealing with new sources of data – including the IoT, drones, and wearables?
  • What are insurers’ spending plans for data and analytics?

Figure 1 shows the spending plans for data and analytics for P&C personal and commercial lines insurers. 


20170718 PC Analytics



Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 3
  • Insurer Usage and Plans 5
  • New Data Sources and Emerging Technology 13
  • SMA Call to Action 17
  • About the Research and Strategy Meets Action 18