Customer Engagement at the Digital Edge in Insurance

An SMA Research Report

Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Mike Connor, Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator
Publication Date:
August 23, 2016
Number of Pages:
$1,495.00 USD

This research report explores the new digital ecosystems and participants emerging to disrupt customer engagement in insurance. It provides a powerful glimpse into the birth of the digital generation of the insurance industry and the innovators creating it. The report is the result of a collaboration between SMA and SVIA and is based on the Customer Engagement at the Digital Edge conference held in March, 2016, in Silicon Valley as part of the ongoing Insurance Disrupted Conference Series. The research also included a jointly designed survey which was conducted in advance of the conference.

The Customer Engagement at the Digital Edge in Insurance report has four primary objectives:

  • Explore new customer engagement models being introduced by InsurTech startups
  • Determine insurers’ awareness levels of the new ecosystems and the evolving InsurTech landscape
  • Identify insurer investment and partnering plans with non-traditional players to rethink customer engagement
  • Assess how insurers are responding to new customer demands to improve customer engagement within the context of existing business models

Figure 1 is an example of the research, illustrating how well insurers and tech companies understand the evolving digital ecosystems.


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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 2
  • Conference and Research Background 4
  • Awareness/Interest in Connected World Ecosystems 4
  • Awareness of New Ecosystems
  • Interest in the Digital Connected World
  • Engagement in a Connected World 6
  • Connecting at the Digital Edge in Life, Health, and P&C 6
  • Designing Next-Gen Customer Engagement and Experience 7
  • Human Centered Innovation: Designing to Engage, Empower, and Change People’s Lives 10
  • Defining Next Generation Digital Customer Journeys 11
  • Next Generation Distribution & Customer Engagement Models 13
  • Business and Technical Architectures for Real Time Engagement 14
  • Leading Customer Engagement Transformation 16
  • Igniting Customer Focused Innovation in the C-Suite 17
  • Insurer and Tech Company Plans 18
  • Partnerships
  • Investments
  • Concluding Remarks 19
  • About SVIA and SMA 20
  • Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (SVIA)
  • Insurance Disrupted Conference Series
  • Strategy Meets Action (SMA)
  • Annual SMA Summit