Blockchain in Insurance: Insurer Progress and Plans

An SMA Research Report

Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Publication Date:
November 10, 2016
Number of Pages:
$995.00 USD

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that could fundamentally change the way business is conducted and result in the restructuring of major industries. What will be the implications for the insurance industry? This SMA research answers the following questions: What do insurers know about blockchain? What do they think about insurance implications? And, what are insurers actually doing in terms of strategies and investments?

The report addresses both the property/casualty and life/annuity segments. InsurTech startups based on or leveraging blockchain for insurance are identified, along with specific insurer projects and uses cases.   

20161110 Blockchain1 



Table of Contents

  • Blockchain: Will it Change the World? 3
  • Insurers and Blockchain 3
  • How Well Do Insurers Understand Blockchain?
  • Where Do Insurers See Potential?
  • What Are Insurers' Plans and Investments?
  • Blockchain Players in Insurance 9
  • Insurers and Blockchain Projects
  • Tech Companies with Blockchain Solutions
  • Conclusion and SMA Call to Action 11
  • About Strategy Meets Action 11