AI Technologies in P&C: Insurer Progress, Plans, And Potential

An SMA Research Report

Publication Date:
December 20, 2019
Number of Pages:
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How is this report on AI in insurance different from many of the other reports that have been published? First, it is based on SMA Research that reflects the views of insurance executives who completed a survey, and SMA insights from consulting and advisory work with insurers. Second, it includes data on the potential for a wide variety of specific AI technologies and specific insurance use cases, along with data on what insurers are actually doing and planning.

The report provides a good, broad view of technologies in the AI family such as machine learning, natural language processing, chatbots, computer visioning, and more. Results are reported separately for personal lines and commercial lines insurers in North America.

The following diagram from the report is an example of the use case views, which are broken down into more detail in the report.

2019 12 20 2019 AI Report


Table of Contents

  • AI in P&C: More Than Meets The Eye 3
  • AI Projects And Plans: What Insurers Are Actually Doing 4
  • AI Potential: Where Insurance Executives Expect to See Value 5
  • Individual AI Technologies
  • Use Cases for AI in Insurance
  • AI Technologies for Risk-Related Activities
  • AI Technologies for Customer Interactions and Operations
  • AI and Workforce Impact and Implications 11
  • Conclusion and Call to Action 12
  • Appendix 13
  • The AI Family of Technologies
  • Glossary
  • About Strategy Meets Action 16