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Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner

Karen Furtado, Partner

Publication Date: August 4, 2009

Number of Pages: 38

Price: $1,495.00 USD

The Agency Management Systems: Marketplace and Vendor Analysis research report focuses on the business environment in the insurance agency marketplace and specifically explores the current and potential/future use of agency management systems. It provides a summary of the current state of the marketplace, including business drivers and challenges. It also examines the factors that are triggering IT spend for this constituency and the way technology can play a critical role in meeting the challenges facing modern insurance agencies. Further, this report provides a primer on the various ways an agency might plan for and implement agency management technology.

Additionally, insurance carriers, MGAs and agencies alike will benefit from detailed information the report contains about agency systems that are available today. The report also includes a detailed vendor analysis on six agency management software solutions.  The details will be beneficial to any solution provider that sells solutions in the agent market and agent-insurer connectivity marketplace as well.

Some of the most significant findings and insights in the report include:

  • Over 80% of agencies have some level of agency management automation.
  • Further analysis reveals almost half of these agencies use dated, old technologies that are not fully integrated and, furthermore, may be quite difficult to integrate and connect with insurance companies.
  • The market leaders view technology spend and investments as a way to take control of their environment, including policyholder and carrier connectivity, in order to execute their aggressive growth and expense-reduction strategies.
  • This enables these agencies to “leap forward” in the competitive landscape rather than be driven by carriers. Moving forward, as the market leaders develop a comprehensive plan for automation, it becomes apparent that it is beyond a traditional agency management system.
  • The following figure from the report illustrates a common path for agencies and will help determine an agency’s current standing in the use of technology in today’s market. It also demonstrates the logical steps an agency may follow to see where it could potentially be in the future.

Agency Management Capability Road Map

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 1
  • Introduction 2
  • Research Purpose and Scope 3
  • Current Marketplace: Shopping for an Agency Management System 4
  • Strategy Meets Action: Thinking Differently 7
  • A Different View of Automation: Beyond Features and Functions 7
  • Call to Action 10
  • SMA Research Methodology and Objectivity 12
  • About SMA Strategy Meets Action 12
  • Appendix I: Summary of Vendor Analysis 13
  • Appendix II: Detailed Vendor Profiles 16