Advanced Customer Communications in the Digital Age: New Options for Insurers

An SMA Research Report

Mark A. Breading, Senior Partner
Publication Date:
September 19, 2018
Number of Pages:
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The way the world communicates is morphing and advancing rapidly. This SMA research report covers a wide range of new options for communicating with prospects, producers, policyholders, employees, claimants, and others. Communications options and their implications for insurers are discussed, including messaging platforms, chatbots, personalized interactive video, smart documents, and more.  

 Figure 1. P&C Insurer Plans for New Digital Communication Options Thru 2020


20180914 New Digital Communications




Table of Contents

  • Communications Options Proliferate 3
  • Text and Chat: Insurers Are Catching Up 4
  • Messaging and Collaboration: Limited Use Outside the Enterprise 4
  • Voice and Chatbots: A Big Area of Experimentation 5
  • Personalized Interactive Video: A High Value Option for Selected Interactions 5
  • Smart Documents: A Revolution for Documents 6
  • AR and VR: Early Initiatives, Great Promise 6
  • Discovery: An Evolving and Overlooked Area 7
  • Insurer Plans for New Options 7
  • Conclusion and Call to Action 8
  • About Strategy Meets Action 9