A Recipe for Commercial Lines Underwriting Transformation: Business Led, Technology Enabled With a Culture of Change Readiness

An SMA Research Report

Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner
Megan Bock Zarnoch, Guest Author
Publication Date:
August 3, 2020
Number of Pages:
$1,495.00 USD

P&C Commercial Lines Underwriting will look different in 2030. Small markets are already shifting to new digital, transformational business models. Mid-to-large sized business is the new open space, ripe for digital transformation and the leap forward into a new model for 2030. Every commercial lines insurance business has a choice to make: stay the course and be left behind, or embrace a paradigm shift. Which will your organization choose? 

This research report’s purpose is to help bridge the reader from today’s current state to ten years from now – by envisioning what is possible in commercial lines underwriting in 2030 – and to define the surprising recipe for transformational change.

The report outlines the case for change, highlighting the possibilities for 2030, provides a “moment of truth” examination of the current state, and dreams big for the future state with three powerful 2030 use cases. It articulates what is required for readiness and closes with a call to action. 

This is a “must read” for all leaders responsible for commercial lines underwriting.

20200731 Underwriting CL


Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 3
  • The Case for Change 4
  • Where Will P&C Commercial Lines Be in 2030? 6
  • The “Moment of Truth” Assessment: Let’s Get Honest About Today 7
  • The Future State Plan – Dreaming Big 11
  • Future State Use Cases 13
  • What Will Readiness Require 16
  • The Industry and Your Company’s Call to Action 17
  • About Strategy Meets Action 18