A New Era of Carrier Staffing and Productivity Management

How to Create Win-Win Strategies in 2024 and Beyond

Stephen Murphy, Partner, ReSource Pro Consulting
Publication Date:
September 29, 2023
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As carriers navigate ever-evolving workplace dynamics, maintaining enterprise-wide efficiency and effectiveness remain critical linchpins for organizational success. Many insurers lack a consistent approach to managing productivity and staffing needs, with several relying on traditional approaches that are now being upended by industry-wide workplace and technological changes.

This research report offers key insights into the workforce and performance management strategies of P&C carriers, from how carriers manage productivity and employee performance to their approaches to assessing staffing needs. The report also includes questions carriers must ask themselves to understand if their workforce strategies are delivering efficiency, as well as valuable takeaways to help them rethink capacity, productivity, and performance management. 

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Table of Contents

  • About This Research Report 3
  • State of the Carrier Workforce 4
  • Staff Productivity Amid Shifting Workplace Dynamics 5
  • How Are Carriers Managing Productivity Today?
  • Assessing Productivity in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Call To Action
  • Workforce and Performance Management 8
  • Carriers’ Approach to Determining Workforce Needs
  • How Capacity Management Can Help
  • Managing Individual and Team Performance
  • Call To Action
  • Conclusion 11
  • About ReSource Pro Consulting 12
  • Use of Our Reports
  • About the Author