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An SMA Research Report


Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner

Karen Furtado, Partner

Mark A. Breading, Partner

Karen Pauli, Principal

Publication Date: December 10, 2018

Number of Pages: 9

Price: $95.00 USD

Will current insurance trends continue, slow-down, or accelerate? Will brand new developments rock the industry? Each year SMA makes predictions about the upcoming year in insurance. This report highlights a key prediction from each of the four report authors, along with overall commentary about the state of insurance and recommendations for insurers. 



Table of Contents

  • Transformation in Action: The Insurance Industry Advances 3
  • Deb Smallwood: 2019 Will Be the Year That Customer Experience Meets Digital Transformation 4
  • Karen Furtado: 2019 Will Be the Year of the Agile Mandate 5
  • Karen Pauli: In 2019, AI Will Step Out of the Headlines and Into Practical Solutions 6
  • Mark Breading: In 2019, We Will Expect More of the “New” in Insurance 7
  • SMA Call to Action 8
  • About Strategy Meets Action 9