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An SMA Research Report


Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner

Karen Furtado, Partner

Mark A. Breading, Partner

Karen Pauli, Principal

Publication Date: February 7, 2019

Number of Pages: 13

Price: $995.00 USD

The personal lines segment is hyper-competitive in today’s digital age. There is an urgency among all players – even the big brands – to innovate and transform for success in a rapidly changing environment. This SMA research report reveals insurers’ plans regarding thirteen strategic initiatives, including both foundational initiatives like expanding distribution channels and modernizing core systems, and transformational initiatives such as innovation and new business models. The report is based on a survey of personal lines executives and SMA analysts’ observations and insights. Approaches to InsurTech and emerging tech are also highlighted, based on new SMA research data.

Figure 1. Top 5 Business Drivers for Strategic Initiatives (Personal Lines)

 20190207 strategic initiatives personal lines


Table of Contents

  • A Strategic View 3
  • Strategic Initiatives 4
  • The Foundational Initiatives
  • The Transformational Initiatives
  • InsurTech and Emerging Tech Approaches 10
  • SMA Call to Action 12
  • About Strategy Meets Action 13