2017 SMA Summit: Winning With Convergence

A Special SMA Research Report

Deborah M. Smallwood, Senior Partner
Publication Date:
October 5, 2017
Number of Pages:
$995.00 USD

This research report provides highlights from all of the speakers and sessions of the SMA Summit event held in Boston, September 18, 2017. The report highlights the winning submissions for the SMA Innovation in Action Awards for both insurers and solution providers, key insights from the InsurTech world, successful innovation culture transformations, the foundational and expanding role of core systems, and the bridges insurers must build to a successful future.


20171005 Summit Recap



Table of Contents

  • Introduction 3
  • Innovation Is Mandatory 3
  • Gaining Momentum With Innovation
  • Innovation in Action: Customer-Designed Products
  • Embracing a Culture of Change
  • Insurer Innovation in Action: Innovation Culture
  • Taking the Pulse of the Industry
  • Agents Will Remain Vital and the Policyholder Is Our Customer 7
  • Revolutionizing Insurance Distribution Panel
  • Core Capabilities Will Remain Foundational 8
  • Looking Through A New Lens - Insurer Perspective
  • Looking Through A New Lens - Solution Provider Perspective Panel
  • The Changing Face of Claims Panel
  • Digital Is Our New Reality 11
  • Understanding Next-Generation Platforms
  • Navigating the Insurance Conundrum
  • Advanced Analytics and AI Are Part of Our DNA 12
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Innovation and the Modern Insurer
  • Innovation in Action: Next-Generation Telematics
  • Innovation in Action: Cutting-Edge Analytics
  • Innovation in Action: Big Data & Advanced Analytics
  • Call to Action 14
  • Creating Your Call to Action
  • Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary 15
  • About Strategy Meets Action 15