2017 InsurTech Landscape: Aligning to Business Strategies

Mark A. Breading, Partner
Publication Date:
February 23, 2017
Number of Pages:
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SMA has been actively engaged in the InsurTech movement through research, InsurTech clients, and involvement in related insurer strategies. This report assesses approximately 800 InsurTech companies, identifies companies and opportunities by business areas and lines of business, and includes SMA research on how insurers are responding and investing. 

2017 InsurTech Landscape is based on SMA’s ongoing tracking, analysis, and advisory work with InsurTechs and Insurers. InsurTechs are categorized by country, line of business focus, and type of company (tech, broker, insurer). The startups are also classified and grouped into nine key categories – such as greenfield insurer, distribution disruptor, smart home, etc. Many examples are given for all of the categories. 

Figure 1 shows the universe of InsurTech and related tech companies explored in this report.

 20170223 Insurtech

Table of Contents

  • The Evolution of InsurTech 3
  • InsurTech Scope
  • InsurTech Demographics
  • InsurTech and Insurance Business Strategy 6
  • InsurTech Categories
  • InsurTech Examples by LOB Area
  • - P&C Personal
  • - P&C Commercial
  • - Life/Annuity
  • Where Insurers are Investing 10
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Approaches to InsurTech
  • SMA Call to Action 12
  • About Strategy Meets Action 13