2015 SMA Summit Recap

An SMA Research Brief

Publication Date:
September 29, 2015
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Becoming a Next-Gen Insurer was the focus of the 2015 SMA Summit. A sold-out crowd gathered at the fourth annual SMA Summit held at the Boston Mandarin Oriental on September 21, 2015. The energetic and dynamic agenda took the conversation about transformation and innovation in insurance to a whole new level. Attendees were presented with a unique opportunity to stretch their thinking, examine where the opportunities lie, and hear about specific examples of the progress that is being made across the industry. While the agenda provided ample opportunity to rethink and envision what is really possible for the future of the insurance industry in our technology-enabled, connected world, the program content also considered the tough realities that insurers face in the current environment.

This SMA Brief summaries the day’s program and gives a synopsis of the topics; a recap of the lessons learned; key takeaway messages from the mix of prominent speakers, panelists, and conversational interviews; and much more. The Summit was another phenomenally successful event, evidenced by the comments of those who attended: “unquestionably the best event in our industry” … “the SMA message is a catalyst for the kind of change that will help insurers survive and thrive” … “day well spent” … “content was fresh with lots to take home and use.”