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Deb Smallwood
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Convergence is happening across insurance, with the powerful influence of emerging technology, the digital connected world, and the explosion of InsurTech. This makes change inevitable and convergence between the new, innovative InsurTech players and traditional MatureTech companies imperative. Insurers investing in, partnering with, and learning from InsurTech players will provide new ways, solutions, and opportunities to bring innovation and transformation to insurance.

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With this in mind, Strategy Meets Action (SMA) and St. Nick Media Services (St. Nick Media) are pleased to present an on-demand, educational webinar series focused on helping InsurTech startups successfully win in the insurance industry marketplace and be a part of the great changes taking place.

The three-event webinar series is the perfect roadmap for any InsurTech startup that is ready to get started, get traction, and build momentum in the insurance industry. The series features a variety of speakers, including SMA Partners, industry experts, InsurTech entrepreneurs, accelerators, and innovative insurers as well.

These webinars are an investment for startups navigating the complex and changing insurance industry, discussing ways to gain proof of concepts (POCs), moving from pilot to full implementation, and building an enhanced go-to-market strategy for maximizing brand visibility and generating a pipeline.


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The 2017 InsurTech Webinar Series

All three webinars can be viewed for $499.

Registrants will also receive a complimentary copy of the SMA research report, The InsurTech Universe: Understanding Company Positioning and Maturity. This report identifies 9 categories of InsurTech startups, provides examples, and introduces a maturity model for InsurTech.


Webinar #1

Getting to the Right Insurer Customer

Speakers: Deb Smallwood, Founder, SMA; Brian Hemesath, Managing Director, The Global Insurance Accelerator

To win in insurance, it is essential for all InsurTech companies to understand the insurance landscape and changing environment, and to be able to plot a course for success.

This webinar will provide advice and guidance in three areas:

  • Learn how to navigate the business models, technology adoption, lines of business, and structure
  • Find the decision makers
  • Understand and manage the purchasing cycle

Join SMA and guest speakers as they showcase research, insights, and experience to help guide InsurTech toward how to get to the right insurer customer.

Webinar #2

Crossing the Chasm from POC to Full Implementation

Speakers: Mark Breading, Partner, SMA; Jon Cooper, Co-founder and CEO, Life.io

Many InsurTechs are successful at convincing insurers to do a proof of concept or pilot project. But many are finding that even when an initial project is successful, translating that into a live implementation is a challenge.

This webinar will provide advice and lessons learned in three areas:

  • Refining the business value proposition
  • Understanding the business process implications
  • Integrating the solution with the existing tech infrastructure

Join SMA and guest speakers for insights in these three areas, as well as success stories, roadblocks, and lessons learned.

Webinar #3

Building on Product-Market Fit with Go-To-Market Strategy

Speakers: Deb Smallwood, Founder, Strategy Meets Action; Mark Breading, Partner, Strategy Meets Action

In addition to building an unstoppable product with the right market fit and functionality, a go-to-market strategy demands attention be paid to mapping the competitive landscape, building an influencer network, researching and understanding actionable market trends, and utilizing tactical resources to ensure world domination.

The webinar objectives are to provide advice and guidance in three areas:

  • Plotting available resources against a realistic calendar
  • Engaging the right audiences via advertising, social media, trade shows, briefings, and 1:1 meetings
  • Executing a flawless launch

Join SMA for valuable insights in these areas, that will include examples and advice on specific marketing tactics.