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SMA offers an array of consulting services to guide you in your transformation journey. With deep insurance knowledge, real-world experience, and proprietary frameworks and approaches, we help your company accelerate its pace of change, augment your business and technology strategies, and make the right strategic technology investments. Consulting services are tailored to each individual customer, project, and need.



Executive and Board Presentations

SMA partners provide executive-level education and awareness presentations and workshops focused on bridging the gap from today to tomorrow. We have the experience and expertise to provide your audience with thought leadership, strategic competitive intelligence, and SMA research insights. We assist leadership in understanding the impact and adoption of emerging technologies and InsurTech supported by evidence from insurer use cases. These sessions are tailored to your business needs and can range from one hour to a full day.


Strategy Alignment Workshops – Innovation, InsurTech, Emerging Tech

During our workshops, we help you align your business strategies to emerging technology investments and bridge them to your future business. We assist you in gaining clarity on which areas of InsurTech and emerging tech you should focus on and link that information back to your business strategies. At the end of the workshop, you will know where to place your bets and where you need to keep a watchful eye. You will discover the powerful opportunities that line up with your business strategy.


Digital Strategy and Assessment

SMA can help you evaluate your digital strategy and current capabilities by conducting an assessment against market leader/best practices that will lead to the development of a digital strategy, including a strategic roadmap and plan. We focus on your current and future business and technology capabilities and leverage SMA’s strategic insights and research to determine baseline and transformational capabilities. Our approach is uniquely designed to deliver high value business outcomes – the right priorities aligned to the right strategies. 


Vendor Selection – RFI/RFP

When you need to update or replace your solution and technology stack, SMA can support the full cycle of vendor selection – from clarifying your guiding principles, prioritizing the required capabilities, and sending out and RFIs or RFPs, all the way through guiding the evaluation process, onsite demos, and final decision. Our proven methodology reduces time, effort, costs, and risks to ensure you make the best technology decisions that align to your needs and strategies. We tailor our approach from an accelerated short list with scripted demos to a formal RFP process – whatever best suits the needs of your company.


Project Risk Management

By bringing you an outside perspective, SMA can help you keep your projects on track and delivered as promised. We provide you with guidance and advice to support new core system implementations or other large-scale initiatives to help minimize risks. Our direct expertise and extensive research allows SMA partners to assist in risk management and identify and fix problems before they happen.


Competitive Intelligence

SMA can provide you with advice and a knowledge transfer for market trends, competitive intelligence, and technology advances and then help you understand the impact on your company. We monitor the pulse of the industry, from emerging technologies and InsurTech adoption to insurer use cases and InsurTech tracking tools. Gain this important competitive intelligence during a strategy session or by creating a customized research project.