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SMA's Advisory Services engage you in an ongoing collaborative relationship to help you gain strategic advice and insights – supported in real time by the wide-ranging knowledge of our team and our extensive Research Libraries. Our services support strategic planning, competitive intelligence, or strategic technology investments for a single department or across the company. We can customize a selection of our advisory services at different levels to meet your specific needs and budgets.

At Strategy Meets Action, we help insurers rethink traditional strategies to identify and define the actions required to innovate and transform their businesses – enabled by the power of technology and data. We believe that partnering with SMA through our advisory offering creates a dynamic relationship that can support your transformation.



Real-Time Conversations and Exchanges

You can collaborate directly with SMA's partners and team of industry experts via phone, screen share, email, text, or in-person. We serve as a sounding board and can provide quick insights and direction. Consider SMA an extension of your team.

We also provide you with pre-scheduled monthly calls. Structured as two-way strategy discussions, we will help you easily and effectively consume SMA’s latest research, insights, and perspectives and discuss how this information can validate or augment your company’s strategy and plans. In addition, SMA will provide support and direction on strategic or tactical initiatives to help reduce risks and ensure success. 


Strategy Enablement Day

These customized day-long events deliver high-powered strategy, insights, and actions. SMA works with you to create a tailored, on-site strategy session to address a topic of your choice. You will leverage SMA's proprietary research and experience to create a dynamic day rich in business value that delivers clear outcomes.


Executive and Board Presentations

We provide up to four one-hour customized online presentations for board members, business and IT executives, or for specific strategic initiatives. Common topics include, but are not limited to, emerging trends and technologies; the state of InsurTech; digital transformation best practices; and use cases in AI, blockchain, or microservices.


Knowledge and Research Libraries

Leverage our extensive libraries of various resources including independent reports and briefs, InsurTech and insurer use cases, and our emerging tech and trends database of curated articles that span a wide range of topics, including emerging technologies and trends, industry and competitive intelligence, and strategic priorities and investment patterns.

Our research covers topics ranging from the traditional insurance business and technology to InsurTech and emerging technology. In addition to access to the existing library of more than 150 reports, you will have access to all new reports published during your advisory period (20-30 new reports per year).


Research Library

At SMA, we publish research that is written for business and IT leaders. You can use the research reports, briefs, and charts to augment, validate, and vet your strategic planning and investments. We are actively tracking strategic investment, adoption, and usage of digital, customer experience, core – underwriting, policy services, rating, billing and claims - data and advanced analytics and AI, emerging technologies, InsurTech, and innovation.

At SMA, we publish research that is written for business and IT leaders. You can use our research reports, briefs, and charts to augment, validate, and vet your strategic planning and investments. We actively track strategies, investment, and adoption for seven areas: digital; the customer experience; core transformation (underwriting, policy services, rating, billing, and claims); data, advanced analytics, and AI; emerging technologies; InsurTech; and innovation.


Emerging Trends, Technologies, and Topics Site

Access an ever-growing repository of more than 2,600 articles and newsfeeds on the external influencers and the implications of emerging technologies across all industries that have the potential to reshape insurance. Each post includes an SMA commentary on the possible impact or opportunity for insurance. These outside trends are tracked on SMA’s website, and a summary is sent to you weekly for easy review and access.


InsurTech and Insurer Use Cases

SMA's InsurTech database monitors thousands of companies and provides insights on target areas and categories by line of business and across the insurance value chain. There are also more than 150 insurer use cases that provide intelligence on the adoption and use of emerging technologies and InsurTech. Grouped by insurer and business area, the use cases document insurers’ progress along the transformation journey.


SMA's Webinars – Live and On-Demand

Receive invitations to all of SMA's current webinars as well as access to an on-demand library of past events. These webinars provide you with SMA's research and strategic insights. They also address outside trends and unite them with SMA's insights about their implications for you and your company.


SMA Summit

Attend our annual conference on innovation and transformation, with content designed exclusively for SMA advisory customers and insurers. Hear from industry leaders and innovators, meet the Innovation in Action Award winners, and network with your peers.