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2017 01 Offering BubblesSMA offers an unrivaled set of services, including retainers, research, consulting, events, and innovation offerings – all supporting the needs of insurers and solution providers today and helping them position for the business demands of the future. SMA is dedicated to helping the business of insurance modernize, optimize, and innovate for competitive advantage.

Clients turn to SMA as a trusted advisor to explore the possibilities and make informed plans and decisions along their modernization and innovation journeys.                                         

  • Our retained relationships and consulting services are fueled by an extensive foundation of proprietary research and thought leadership.
  • Our events are highly acclaimed and create exceptional opportunities for learning and networking.
  • Our first-of-its-kind innovation offering provides a safe environment for collaboration and the opportunity to experience the power of innovation. 


Insurance Companies


As the external and internal pressures continue to force change on the insurance industry, insurers are turning to SMA to understand these changes, explore the possibilities, and make informed plans and appropriate technology investments. Learn more here.

Solution Providers


If your goal is to expand your footprint in the insurance industry by developing and launching solutions that meet the industry’s needs and priorities, we’ll help you get there. Learn more here.