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Bridging the gap to the future of the insurance business isn't easy. There are infinite possibilities. This is where Strategy Meets Action comes in – and true to our name, it's where strategy meets action.

We provide a set of services to help you bridge today’s business strategies and technology investments to the new world of innovation, digital transformation, emerging tech, and InsurTech. 

Our Services

SMA is your trusted advisor and an extension of your team.

SMA helps you and your company accelerate your digital transformation, launch innovation, and place the right bets on the right strategic areas – digital, core, data, InsurTech, and emerging technologies.

  • We leverage our research and insights on emerging best practices in innovation, InsurTech, and digital.
  • We augment business strategies with new world initiatives.
  • We guide you to make the right strategic investments and technology decisions.


Focus Areas

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At SMA, our research and insights reveal that many insurers are focused on and investing in at least two of the above initiative areas …  and many market leaders are investing across all seven.

Our services, our research, and our experiences are all centered on and grounded in these seven focus areas:


Digital Insurer

Digital is a way of doing business, enabled by current and emerging technologies and devices – today's primary means of engagement and automation, foundational to any successful business strategy. SMA has experience in assisting insurers with digital transformation. We guide insurers in assessing their digital strategy and current capabilities, conducting an assessment against market leader/best practices, and developing a digital strategy that includes a strategic roadmap and plan.


Customer Experience

SMA research shows that more than 90% of insurers say customer experience is an important strategic initiative. Insurers are creating personalized, tailored, progressive experiences by developing customer journey maps and service blueprints, and bringing in new sources of data with advanced analytics to generate new customer intelligence and insights. At SMA, we continually monitor the customer experience evolution in insurance, track the emerging best practices, and provide insights and guidance on how the customer experience is interwoven with becoming a digital insurer.


Core Transformation

Modern core systems are foundational to today’s business and will be required to support the demands of the business in the future. Our research shows that this is a major strategic initiative for many insurers. At SMA, we evaluate the buying trends for core transformation, track the solutions in the market place, and understand the next generation of solutions that will support digital transformation in the connected world. We work with insurers to help them understand the required capabilities, select the right solutions for their companies, and reduce the risks of project implementation.


Data & Analytics

Data and analytics are the DNA of insurance. Being a data-driven organization is a traditional requirement that has taken on an entirely different meaning. BI, reporting, and analytics are now table stakes. Advanced capabilities with artificial intelligence (AI) are urgently required to compete in this changing industry. At SMA, we track maturity and adoption by leveraging our Data and Analytics Spectrum Model. We also provide insurers with guidance on data strategies, BI solutions and tools, and the organizational structure/skills required to mature the capabilities within the company.


Emerging Tech

Emerging technologies are advancing very rapidly, and so is the rate at which they are being explored and embraced by the insurance industry. Insurers are investigating ways to leverage AI – cognitive, machine learning, chatbots, and robotic process automation (RPA); blockchain; IoT sensors; new payment technologies; voice recognition; and more. SMA has been tracking the implications, adoption, and business use cases of thirteen emerging technologies. As insurers consider investments in these technologies, we guide them using our market and competitive intelligence on emerging tech adoption and deployment.



Several years into the InsurTech movement, SMA continues to track more than 1200 InsurTech startups with billions of dollars invested. We follow hundreds of proofs of concept, proven use cases, and business results as they are developing. SMA also tracks InsurTech expansion, partnering, and insurer investment. We understand the possibilities, the implications, what the competitors are doing, and the shifts in the competitive landscape. And we help insurers align their business strategies to this area.



Innovation is encompassed in all of the foundational areas above. It creates the culture and provides the platform from which are able to rethink, reimagine, redesign, and reinvent insurance – our roles, structures, products, services, processes, and technologies. At SMA, we’ve been tracking, studying, and talking about innovation for several years. And we continue to observe that instilling a culture of innovation is probably the insurers’ biggest challenge. SMA has developed innovation maturity models and tracks the best practices. We work with insurers to find the best models for their companies.