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There is significant change happening in our industry.

At Strategy Meets Action (SMA), our clients advance and accelerate their transformational journeys by leveraging our forward-thinking insights, deep vendor knowledge, and vast industry expertise. SMA is an advisory firm that works exclusively in the P&C market offering both advisory retainer services and consulting for both insurers and vendors.

Our Services

Working with SMA brings our clients:

  • Clarity on Strategy. Understand a perspective on emerging trends and technologies relevant to your strategies
    and plans.
  • Transformational Focus. View your strategic initiatives and investments through a transformational lens.
  • Informed Decisions. Obtain vendor and technology insights aligned to your strategies, focus, and investments
    to augment your key decisions.


Our focus is reflected with the SMA’s three transformational areas: digital business, foundational technologies, and transformational technologies. Our unique value proposition is at the intersection of the three areas which is the key
to your transformation.

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Contact us today, to explore how we can help you accelerate your journey forward.