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July 12 2017 | Mark Breading

Boston, Massachusetts, July 12, 2017– Strategy Meets Action (SMA), a leading insurance strategic advisory firm, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the “Winning in InsurTech” on-demand digital webinar series.

InsurTech Webinar Series LogoThis three-event, on-demand webinar series was developed in conjunction with St. Nick Media and is available for purchase and viewing via the SMA website. The series provides a roadmap for InsurTech startups looking to start strong and build momentum in the insurance industry. The series also enhances visibility for incumbent insurers, tech companies, and other interested parties, such as venture capital (VC), private equity (PE) or angel investors into the InsurTech startup world.

“Understanding how InsurTechs can successfully partner with insurers, mature tech companies, and others is vital to all parties in the insurance ecosystem,” said Deb Smallwood, SMA Founder. “This series brings an action plan for connecting with insurers, moving beyond proof of concepts (PoCs), creating market visibility, and building a pipeline of opportunities right to the doorstep of potentially important InsurTech startups.”

The webinars in the series are:

  • Getting to the Right Insurer Customer – The insurance industry can be difficult for outsiders to enter and traverse successfully, but viewers of this webinar will learn how to navigate the culture and structure of insurance, as well as understand the requirements, and how to find the proper contacts and partners for insurance-specific offerings.
  • Crossing the Chasm from POC to Full Implementation – Getting from PoC to a completed implementation can be a rocky road without a well-defined business value proposition. Viewers of this webinar will be inspired to think through the business process implications relevant when trying to integrate InsurTech into an existing IT infrastructure.
  • Building on Product-Market Fit with Go-To-Market Strategy – Selling disruption and innovation to the insurance industry can be an uphill battle. An understanding of the competitive landscape, having a foundation from which to build the right influencer network, and knowledge of market trends will help outfit viewers of this webinar with the proper gear to climb that hill efficiently and successfully.

All three webinars are now available on-demand and can be viewed for $499. For more information, and to register, please visit http://www.strategymeetsaction.com/InsurTech. Registrants will also receive a complimentary copy of the SMA and St. Nick Media Services research report, “Understanding InsurTech Maturity.” This report identifies nine categories of InsurTech startups, provides examples, and introduces a maturity model for InsurTech.

Inquiries for additional information about the webinar series should be directed to Mark Breading, SMA Partner, at mbreading@strategymeetsaction.com or 614.562.8310.