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July 24 2013 | Deb Smallwood

Boston, Massachusetts, July 24, 2013Strategy Meets Action (SMA), a leading insurance strategic advisory firm, announces a new SMA offering for the US Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance industry that ties market and business trends to technology directions, decisions, and implications. The offering includes specialized research reports, as well as complementing advisory and consulting services for both insurers and solution providers.

Two types of reports in the SMA Marketintel Industry and Insurer Research Series are now available:

  • SMA Marketintel P&C WatchPoint Report: Annually, SMA identifies the specific trends (the key WatchPoints) that are particularly relevant to technology decisions in insurance. This report identifies nine business and market trends that have significant impact on technology investments in today’s marketplace environment. SMA highlights the business implication of each WatchPoint and then spotlights examples of recent insurer responses – all focusing on the relevance to technology investments.
  • SMA Marketintel P&C Insurer Profiles: SMA is developing a portfolio of profiles on selected insurers – highlighting key financial information, business and technology strategies, and specific characteristics – synthesizing insights derived from publicly available information. These profile reports are of great value in providing competitive intelligence to insurers and aiding solution providers with sales enablement awareness. These reports are coupled with advisory services. Contact SMA for details.

“SMA believes that market intelligence is essential for both insurers and solution providers. There are numerous internal and external factors that are influencing and shaping the P&C insurance industry. These factors shift, meld, and morph over time creating a variety of challenges and opportunities,” said Deb Smallwood, co-author of the report and founder of SMA. “In this initial Q32013 report, it is clear that the state of the P&C market remains precarious. On one hand, the combination of a continued slow recovery, low interest rates, and profit challenges in certain lines paints the picture of a tough environment for insurers. On the other hand, opportunities abound for those that are able to capitalize on changing buying patterns and the rapid advances in technology. Of course, insurers will always be focused on lower expenses, but those that will be successful in the long run recognize the need to invest for the future, and they are doing so.”

Insurers, IT providers, investors, and media interested in learning more about SMA’s insurance research and advisory services should contact Deb Smallwood at dsmallwood@strategymeetsaction.com or 603.770.9090.