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Smart Cities and Smart Choices for Insurers

September 07 2017 | Mark Breading

It seems as if everything in the world is becoming “smart” – with intelligent devices and artificial intelligence automating activities and providing new capabilities. There are thousands of examples of “things” that contain embedded sensors or chips that generate information and enable control through apps or automated actions.

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Why Refocusing on Data and Analytics is Critical

August 31 2017 | Karen Pauli

Data and analytics is a phrase that is probably in 75% of articles and blogs written today. In fact, data and analytics is used so frequently that it almost appears to be one word – dataandanalytics.

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The Power of Analytics for Insurance: You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

August 17 2017 | Mark Breading

Few people today would argue about the value of data to an insurer, or the power and potential of analytics. Insurers have been leveraging data, business intelligence, and more recently, predictive analytics solutions to gain more insights and inform important business decisions.

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SMA Top 10 Lists: Looking Back, Looking Forward

August 15 2017 | Deb Smallwood

As part of our celebration for 10 years of Strategy Meets Action (SMA), we are thrilled to have released our latest e-book, available for download: Insurance Transformation: Looking 10 Years Back, Looking 10 Years Forward. The book is based on SMA research, observations, and experience; provides an interesting view of...

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Connected Vehicles and Insurance: Geo-Spatial Analysis as a Critical Success Factor

August 01 2017 | Mark Breading

The whole transportation sector is in for massive transformation. The way that people and goods will be moved from point A to point B in the future will be completely different. I am not (yet) talking about a Star Trek style transporter, although scientists have moved matter at the atomic...

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SMA at 10: Looking Back, Looking Forward

July 26 2017 | Deb Smallwood

Ten years ago this month, I launched Strategy Meets Action with not much more than a vision of the untapped possibilities for insurance enabled by innovation and transformation. The possibilities, I always knew, were infinite. But there was a gap that needed to be filled – by a firm that...

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Tales of the Platform Economy: Will Brandless Become the Biggest Brand?

July 25 2017 | Mark Breading

The platform economy is becoming a driving force of innovation and growth in the world. Companies in this category create digital platforms to enable interactions between individuals or businesses that need something and individuals or business that provide something.

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Top 10 Lessons Learned: Past Insurance Innovation Pivots

July 20 2017 | Deb Smallwood

Some of the best innovation success stories are built out of the lessons learned from watching the attempts of others as they either falter or flourish. SMA regularly works with insurers and studies their innovation approaches, behaviors, and initiatives across insurance and many other industries.

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In the Core Systems Hourglass, the Sand Is Falling Faster

June 15 2017 | Karen Furtado

The core systems replacement cycle is speeding up. Twenty years ago, even if you spent your entire career working at the same insurance company, you might have to go through the implementation of a new core system once, maybe twice.

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Insurers Are Catching the Innovation Wave

June 13 2017 | Karen Furtado

As the June 30 deadline approaches for this year’s SMA Innovation in Action Awards, I’m looking forward to seeing the innovative strides that insurers and solution providers have made in the past year. The market is changing so quickly that adaptability is key.

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