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If You Personalize Customer Experience - Get It Right!

March 23 2017 | Deb Smallwood

“Hello, undefined:  How are you?”  We’ve all seen bad marketing emails where what was supposed to be a personalized greeting or communication goes terribly wrong. These failed attempts at personalizing the customer experience have the exact opposite effect that they are supposed to when the data is bad.

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Fraud is Not a Cost of Doing Business – and Emerging Tech is Here to Prove It!

March 21 2017 | Karen Pauli

Fraud has long been a significant problem for the insurance industry – actually since the very beginning of insurance at Lloyd’s coffee house. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud indicates that 5-10% of claims costs are related to fraud, with over 30% of insurers reporting as much as 20% of claims...

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The "Smart" Experience: Making a Home Smart Holds Valuable Lessons for Insurers

March 15 2017 | Karen Furtado

During this past year, I built a home in the White Mountains of NH and determined early on that it would be a “Smart Home.” Now, I should tell you that my profession involves speaking about InsurTech trends often, so you would think that this would not be a difficult...

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Siri, What’s Your Opinion of Driverless Vehicles?

March 13 2017 | Mark Breading

Astounding leaps forward have been made in two key technologies in the last couple years: voice recognition and artificial intelligence. Machine learning has fueled tremendous advances that are now resulting in these two technologies being used very broadly across many types of devices and in many situations.

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Emerging Tech in 2017: Reshaping Insurance With Convergence

March 07 2017 | Mark Breading

The world itself is at an inflection point, with emerging technologies poised to change every aspect of our lives and businesses. Exactly how each industry will be transformed and how this will affect insurance is difficult to predict.

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InsurTech in 2017: Serious Contenders or La La Land?

March 02 2017 | Mark Breading

The InsurTech landscape grows, shifts, and changes every day. SMA is tracking about 800 InsurTechs, and there are others that are likely not on our lists. Many insurers are racing to keep up with the new announcements, pivots, funding rounds, partnerships, and other activity that is shaping and reshaping this space.

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Will Phone and Cyber Scams Spell the Death of Direct Marketing?

February 21 2017 | Mark Breading

We are facing an epidemic that is only going to get worse – the scourge of cyber and telephone based scams against individuals and businesses. Scammers are becoming so sophisticated that it is difficult for even the most educated and tech savvy individuals to avoid being conned.

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MGA 4.0 – Why InsurTech is Changing the Game Again

February 20 2017 | Karen Pauli

The journey, over time, of the insurance Managing General Agent (MGA) is an interesting one. In their original manifestation in the late 1800s/early 1900s, MGAs were a way for east-coast insurers to get their products west, without having to commit their own resources – clearly a valuable business model.

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The Clock Is Ticking ... and Stops for No One

February 15 2017 | Karen Furtado

If you feel like insurance is changing faster every day, you’re not alone. According to our most recent research, published in 2017 Insurance Technology Priorities and Spending, 37% of insurers reported that the pace of change is keeping them up at night.

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2017 IT Spending Plans Signal a Year of Transition

February 14 2017 | Mark Breading

The insurance industry is in transition, no doubt about it. So much is happening regarding digital strategies, InsurTech, customer expectations, analytics, and other areas that are positioning the industry for a new future. Despite all the activity, IT budgets for P&C and L&A insurers in North America this year appear...

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