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The Top 10 Ways Emerging Tech Will Transform Insurance

July 21 2016 | Mark Breading

Will the unrelenting advance of emerging technologies in the world really transform insurance? That’s the big question. In general, the world of business is undergoing massive upheaval and transformation. It may be tempting to think that insurance will be less affected than other industries by the technology-driven changes in the...

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Data and Analytics in P&C Insurance: Progress and Promise

July 19 2016 | Mark Breading

Often it seems like the insurance industry moves slowly when it comes to technology improvements. The way that insurers manage data and leverage analytics capabilities is no exception. But steady progress is being made. SMA’s recently released research report, Data and Analytics in P&C Insurance, highlights the progress as one...

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Geospatial Solutions: A Vital Enabler of the Connected World

July 14 2016 | Mark Breading

At SMA we have long been tracking the rise of smart things and their implications for the insurance industry. A variety of emerging technologies has been rapidly advancing to make everything imaginable smart. But participating in the ESRI User Conference in San Diego this year has driven home one key...

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Cloud/Hosted Core Systems Reach a Tipping Point in 2015

July 08 2016 | Karen Furtado

Core in the cloud is a hot topic that has garnered a lot of interest and an equal amount of debate as insurers confront the challenges that the digital world brings to our industry, and certainly, insurers’ use of cloud has increased.

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Telematics in Insurance: Beyond Pricing

June 28 2016 | Mark Breading

Sometimes it is difficult to believe that vehicle telematics for usage-based insurance is twenty years old. While the likes of Norwich Union and Progressive began planning and piloting long ago, most of the real activity in the market has taken place over the last few years.

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The SMA Innovation in Action Awards: Honoring Next-Gen Insurers

June 21 2016 | Karen Furtado

As the June 30th deadline approaches for the 2016 SMA Innovation in Action Award submissions, let’s take a look back at our insurer winners from 2015: Haven Life Insurance Agency, John Hancock, and USAA. Their innovative projects and initiatives have demonstrated how they are rethinking and reinventing the business of...

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Insurity and Tropics: The Acquisition Trend Continues

June 16 2016 | Karen Furtado

Big news hit the wire this week with Insurity acquiring Tropics Software Technologies. This acquisition builds on the expansion of Insurity’s offerings that followed the acquisition of Oceanwide last year. This transaction is one more example of how M&A activity is changing the insurance core system landscape.

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Will the Connected World Create a Nation of Mindless Sloths?

June 09 2016 | Mark Breading

The possibilities of a fully connected world are unfolding before us. Technological progress has always been about making our lives easier and providing us with more options to enjoy life – to travel, be entertained, buy stuff, and communicate with others. But, the connected world promises to shift progress into overdrive.

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Another Week, Another Acquisition in the Core Space

June 01 2016 | Karen Furtado

Duck Creek Technologies and APAX Partners are not wasting any time to deliver expanded capabilities with the acquisition of Agencyport. This acquisition is a great compliment of strategic digital capabilities to a leader in the core suite platform.  So is this a new trend in the core space with other...

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How Connected will the Connected World Be?

May 18 2016 | Mark Breading

The idea of a fully connected world has become quite popular in the press and is driving much of the innovation and startup activity these days. At SMA, we continue to articulate the fact that there will be many different ecosystems in the connected world, such as smart homes, connected...

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