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Living in a Smart World: New Products from CES2017

January 11 2017 | Mark Breading

For every object you can think of that we use in our daily lives, there is probably a smart version of it already available or in the process of development: that is one of my conclusions from CES2017.

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CES2017: Hot Trends, Cool Stuff, Insurance Implications

January 09 2017 | Mark Breading

If there was one overriding theme to CES2017, it was that emerging technology progress seems to be accelerating, with new products and uses spreading across every conceivable human endeavor. My observations from an intense four days in Las Vegas include highlights on the hot trends, examples of some very cool...

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Connected World 2030: Utopia or Dystopia?

January 04 2017 | Mark Breading

What will the world look like in 2030? As the world becomes increasingly connected, will technology free the human race and solve the age-old problems of the world? Or will it lead to chaos and misery? Utopia or dystopia – what’s it gonna be? This may seem like just philosophical...

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Happy New Year? For Some Agents – Yes. Others – No

December 20 2016 | Karen Pauli

For many people, the arrival of the New Year heralds the promise of achieving bigger and better things, reaching new heights, and perhaps accomplishing things in the new year that weren’t done in the prior year.

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2016: Core Systems’ Year of Capital Investments

December 19 2016 | Karen Furtado

The significant capital investments at work in the InsurTech world have also been active in the core systems space, including both new private equity and venture capital funding sources. Within the last week, two separate announcements in the core systems industry illustrate a trend we have seen throughout 2016: companies...

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Emerging Technologies: Time for Action for L&A Insurers

December 16 2016 | Mark Breading

The adoption of emerging technologies like wearables, the Internet of Things, and new payment technologies is skyrocketing. Others have huge implications for our daily lives and health, including autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, biotech, robotics, and a host of others.

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Why You Shouldn’t Hide From InsurTech on a Caribbean Island or ... InsurTech Takes Aim at Personal Lines Distribution

December 07 2016 | Karen Pauli

If you have gone three days without seeing the term “InsurTech,” well, you are probably on a remote Caribbean island with no means of connecting to the outside insurance world. And putting your head in the sand on some nice island might sound tempting, because InsurTech is exciting, but terrifying...

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Blockchain in Insurance: Promise for the Future

November 18 2016 | Mark Breading

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that could fundamentally change the way business is conducted and result in the restructuring of major industries. At least that is the view of some prognosticators. Others believe that there are important implications for the technology, but that it will not be truly disruptive.

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Next-Gen Strategies: Bridges That Withstand the Test of Time

November 09 2016 | Karen Furtado

The strategic bridges that insurers need to build to get them from today to tomorrow was a major theme of the 2016 SMA Annual Summit in September. For inspiration, we discussed real-life bridges that had stood the test of time and those that had not been successful.

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Why Agent Connectivity is a Tipping Point for Commercial Lines Insurers

November 01 2016 | Karen Pauli

It is no secret to commercial lines insurers that the market is hyper-competitive and has been so for years. There is very little to suggest that this is going to change.  But there are other changes afoot, as evidenced by the new entrants, from the ranks of both traditional insurers...

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