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October 06 2020

Boston, Massachusetts, October 6, 2020 – Strategy Meets Action (SMA), a leading insurance advisory firm, and Boundless Consulting, a management consulting group, are announcing their partnership in the North American P&C insurance market. SMA and Boundless Consulting are working together to provide strategic advice, research-based insights, and actionable consulting services to help commercial lines underwriting organizations transform, enabled by the right technology, but putting a focus on people and culture first.

“Our latest research shows 80% of industry leaders expect significant change within the next five years, yet we continue our strategic investments in the traditional way. The emerging best practice for successful digital transformation is to flip the lens to an outside-in view, leading with the customer, culture, and people, enabled by technology investment,” said Deb Smallwood, SMA CEO and Founder. “This is why I am so excited about the partnership. The power of our experience and new offerings are a perfect fit for what the industry needs today to transform.”

We are actively working with clients, publishing formal research studies and reports, holding a variety of webinars, and sharing our knowledge and insights via an ongoing blog series. Here is a link to a co-written research report, A Recipe for Commercial Lines Underwriting Transformation: Business Led, Technology Enabled With a Culture of Change Readiness, which is a foundational piece for insurers considering digital investment or underwriting transformation.

You can also access a recording of our recent webinar, Leapfrog Your Competition by Transforming Commercial Lines Underwriting, which showcases our proprietary framework for successful change and was well-attended by P&C insurance industry leaders.

“Digital transformation is on the minds of all in the insurance carrier space, primarily to improve operational efficiency and enable a digital customer experience. However, the intersection of that crucial change with the culture of an organization, specifically underwriting, is the key determinant of how successful their investments will be. I am thrilled to be partnering with Deb Smallwood and SMA to offer tailored solutions in this area. Her deep expertise as CIO combines perfectly with my field experience as SVP, P&C Underwriting. We will help companies successfully navigate this intersection, enabling their visions to come to life and creating agile organizations where employees are proud to work,” shared Megan Bock Zarnoch, Boundless Consulting CEO and Founder.

For more information on the partnership offerings, contact Deb Smallwood at dsmallwood@strategymeetsaction.com or Megan Bock Zarnoch at megan@boundlessconsult.com and follow us on LinkedIn.


About Strategy Meets Action
At Strategy Meets Action, our clients advance their strategic initiatives and accelerate their transformational journeys by leveraging our forward-thinking insights, deep vendor knowledge, and vast industry expertise.

Strategy Meets Action is an advisory firm that works exclusively with insurers and vendors in the P&C market, offering advisory retainers and project-based consulting services.

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About Boundless Consulting Group
Boundless Consulting was founded to empower companies to solve their business challenges using their best assets – their people and culture. Megan Bock Zarnoch’s mission is to help organizations create cultures of courage, enabling humans to thrive at companies and companies to thrive in community, fully serving their customers.

Our clients leverage our partnership and business insider perspective in shaping and executing strategic shifts, creating customized change management plans, and solving cultural challenges in ways that maximize employee engagement and principles of authenticity, inclusion, and innovation in their workplaces.

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