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Karen Furtado
Partner, SMA

Congratulations to the 2015 Innovation in Action Award Winners

2015SMAAwards Group




2015SMAAwards Haven

Yaron Ben-Zvi
CEO, Haven Life

Haven Life Insurance Agency, LLC, which offers the first solution for purchasing medically underwritten term life insurance online. Haven Life users can calculate their needs, then apply for and start coverage on the Haven Term policy in about 20 minutes. Its sophisticated underwriting algorithms leverage external data sources to render an instant decision on applications. By reinventing the traditional, 4-to-6-week process of buying life insurance into an entirely online, 20-minute process, Haven Life has successfully changed and streamlined how life insurance policies are sold, underwritten, and administered.

The John Hancock Vitality Program, which offers a new approach to life insurance that rewards policyholders for the steps they take to promote their health and wellbeing. The program fosters a revolutionary bond between policyholder and life insurer using interactive emerging technologies like wearables and gamification. Activities including exercise and annual health screenings can be tracked via a mobile app, a dedicated website, or a free Fitbit to earn Vitality Points, which determine a member’s status for a broad range of rewards and premium savings.

2015SMAAwards JohnHancock

Brooks Tingle
SVP, Marketing & Strategy, John Hancock

 2015SMAAwards USAA

Anthony Farnsworth
Senior Software Developer, USAA

USAA, which is a pioneer in the use of drones in the insurance industry, particularly in P&C claims following natural disasters. In collaboration with the nonprofit Roboticists Without Borders, USAA deployed drones after the Oso, WA mudslides in 2014 to provide data and imagery to county officials to assist in rebuilding. USAA was also the first insurer to file a request with the FAA for permission to utilize fixed-wing drones for research and development.

Livegenic, which offers a patented, mobile, real-time video platform to help insurance organizations reduce claims handling costs and improve customer satisfaction. Livegenic connects a policyholder with a claims customer service representative through live video without disconnecting the ongoing phone call. Claims professionals can see what the customer sees while on the phone, enhancing first notice of loss, underwriting, field operations, and supplemental claims.

 2015SMAAwards Livegenic

Alex Polyakov
CEO, Livegenic

 2015SMAAwards SocialIntelligence

Max Drucker
CEO, Social Intelligence Corp

Social Intelligence Corp, which offers a sophisticated scoring platform that leverages publicly available social media data and the Internet of Things for improved risk assessment. The solution helps insurers by aggregating data and offering access to new predictive, reliable, and less expensive data sources. Social Intelligence’s Social Media Risk Scoring provides another layer of risk assessment that insurers can utilize in real time across life and personal and commercial P&C lines of business at critical stages in the policy lifecycle, including point of sale, claims filing, first notice of loss, and renewals.

Wallflower Labs, Inc., which offers a patent-pending solution to reduce the number of unattended cooking fires and associated claims. Wallflower’s Electric Range Smart Cord and Gas Range Smart Valve enable ranges and cooktops to remind homeowners that they are operating through smartphone push notifications and to allow for remote or automatic shutoff. Wallflower solutions can also provide insights into cooking behavior and trends by capturing information about household range/cooktop use to improve how insurers price their homeowners insurance products.

 2015SMAAwards Wallflower

Victor Jablokov
CEO, Wallflower Labs Inc.