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June 26 2018 | Deb Smallwood

There’s more to staying healthy than eating your fruits and vegetables – and John Hancock Insurance Company knows it.

2015 Award JohnHancockWhen the John Hancock Vitality Program debuted in 2014, it focused on physical health: regular exercise and annual health screenings. This was a groundbreaking new approach to life insurance, reducing risk for John Hancock while promoting their policyholders’ health and wellbeing. Perks like Vitality Points that could be cashed in for rewards and premium savings and a free Fitbit helped foster an interactive bond between life insurer and policyholder that was truly revolutionary.

At SMA, we have the privilege of honoring innovative advances in the insurance industry through our annual SMA Innovation in Action Awards, and in 2015, we recognized John Hancock for their pioneering new approach to life insurance. They spoke at the annual SMA Summit and shared their initial successes with the audience, returning the following year to give an update on expanded services and increased market momentum.

Fast forward to today, and the John Hancock Vitality Program is breaking new ground again. This month, John Hancock announced several new components to the program that expand their focus on health to encompass mental, emotional, and financial fitness. Some of the new ways that policyholders can earn rewards and discounts include:

  • Meditation. As little as 10 minutes a day of guided meditation using the Headspace app can have measurable benefits on health – and on policyholders’ savings. John Hancock pays the app’s annual subscription fee for the first year to make this even more convenient.
  • Good sleep habits. Learning good sleep hygiene helps policyholders with everything from improving their immune system response to reducing behind-the-wheel drowsiness.
  • Financial planning. More peace of mind about money reduces a significant source of stress for policyholders.

This is the cutting edge of insurance. Encouraging meditation through discounts and rewards is a radical approach to selling life insurance. John Hancock’s award-winning program is about thinking differently, fitting an outside-in perspective with a customer-oriented lens to achieve benefits well beyond the strictly financial.

At SMA, we continue to showcase examples of the real transformation successes in our industry, like John Hancock’s, to inspire all of us across the expanding insurance ecosystem and to prove how rethinking the business of insurance creates a win-win for both our customers and for our companies.

That’s why Strategy Meets Action holds our annual SMA Innovation in Action Awards program. If your company is one of the trailblazers in transformation, this is your chance to share your success story. You have until June 30 to submit for this year’s awards on our website at http://www.strategymeetsaction.com/awards.

At the SMA Summit: Transformation In Action, we will honor this year’s winners and shine a spotlight on those companies who are rethinking, reimagining, and reinventing the business of insurance. Click here to learn more about our annual sell-out Summit in Boston.

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