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March 19 2020 | Deb Smallwood

In a blink of an eye – the world – society – and all of humanity – are being stressed and tested at every level imaginable due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. No one could ever have imagined or planned what this could really be like … including our industry. But since the beginnings of insurance, we have had a history of weathering all storms, all types of disasters, and even pandemics. And I am confident that we will weather this one as well. Insurance is a financially strong, resilient industry. We serve as a safety net for society, mitigating risks for all types of disasters – man-made or natural. This is who we are and what we do. And this is our moment of truth.

Blog Moment of TruthIn the midst of all of this chaos, distraction, and upheaval, we have a unique opportunity to do what is right by being a strong, stable, and dependable force for good. Our world – our employees, customers, partners, and everyone in our ecosystem and beyond – need our strength and resilience – right now, tomorrow, and every day moving forward. 

And on the other side of this pandemic wave, the core of who we are as an industry will remain the same, but every aspect of what and how could be altered by this experience. The rules of engagement are changing, even as I write this blog. And that is all okay. Every disaster presents new clarity and new experiences that create new possibilities and opportunities. 

At SMA, we are confident that new ideas, new approaches, and new ways to accelerate the connections with our employees, customers, partners, and everyone in our ecosystem will happen by adjusting and advancing digital transformation strategies and plans. 

SMA is committed to staying strong in the virtual, digital world. SMA is ready to assist the industry in any way we can. We are a digital company with digital services, and we already operate in a #WFH environment. We are here for you for whatever you need. And together, we will weather this storm.

Just remember, we are all part of this amazing insurance industry, and we are all standing strong. We will continue to stay present in this moment of truth. And we will do our absolute best to help you as well. Just stay safe and healthy. 

Watch for a series of new blogs, videos, and webinars focused on “In the Moment of Truth” from the SMA team as we experience this new norm, and together explore the possibilities and implications for the P&C insurance industry. 

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