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Emerging Technologies: Time for Action for L&A Insurers

December 16 2016 | Mark Breading

The adoption of emerging technologies like wearables, the Internet of Things, and new payment technologies is skyrocketing. Others have huge implications for our daily lives and health, including autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, biotech, robotics, and a host of others.

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Blockchain in Insurance: Promise for the Future

November 18 2016 | Mark Breading

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that could fundamentally change the way business is conducted and result in the restructuring of major industries. At least that is the view of some prognosticators. Others believe that there are important implications for the technology, but that it will not be truly disruptive.

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A-OK at the GIA: Observations from InsurTech Week in Des Moines

October 24 2016 | Mark Breading

InsurTech Week 2016 hosted by the Global Insurance Accelerator in Des Moines has just come to a close. It was a great experience to be a mentor to startups and engage in the bootcamp environment. And it is quite interesting to see the energy, excitement, new ideas, and investment in...

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InsurTech and MatureTech: Blending the New with the Old

October 10 2016 | Mark Breading

The InsurTech phenomenon reached new heights at the InsureTech Connect 2016 event in Las Vegas in October.  Over 1600 attendees spent two days absorbing new ideas, connecting, and making follow up plans to explore working together.

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Our Autonomous Future: Lessons from the Tesla and Hoboken Crashes

October 03 2016 | Mark Breading

Last week brought the tragic news of another train crash – this one at the Hoboken train station in New Jersey. If anyone missed the coverage, one person was killed and over 100 were injured as the train rammed through the station bumpers at high speed, causing the roof to...

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The New Digital Ecosystems: Not Your Father’s Insurance Industry

September 22 2016 | Mark Breading

If there were any doubts that the insurance industry is innovating and transforming, all doubts were dispelled at the 2016 SMA Summit. Insurer after insurer described innovative new business models, products, and uses of emerging technologies.

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Emerging Technologies: Best Dream or Worst Nightmare for P&C Insurers?

September 15 2016 | Mark Breading

Everyone is talking about emerging technologies. Kids want drones for their birthdays. Runners want the latest in fitness wearables. Building managers want smart energy solutions. Farmers want sensors in their fields. The list could go on and include examples from practically every human endeavor.

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Does InsurTech Matter?

September 08 2016 | Mark Breading

By now, you might be getting tired of hearing the term InsurTech. You may also be annoyed at everyone telling you about industry disruption. But there is no question that there is a high level of buzz, excitement, investment, and activity in the InsurTech space.

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Transportation Transformation: Poised for Takeoff

August 25 2016 | Mark Breading

The progress of mankind has relied heavily on technology advancement in two key areas: transportation and communications. Communications technologies, for moving information from one place to another and presenting that information to people in new and different ways, have been instrumental to the progress of civilization.

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Virtual Reality in Insurance: Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

August 08 2016 | Mark Breading

Virtual reality seems like one of those emerging technologies with limited applicability to insurance. Its widespread adoption may still be a few years away, and how does it relate to insurance anyway? I’ve tested out a few VR headsets over the past few months and have come to realize that...

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