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Connected Vehicles and Insurance: Geo-Spatial Analysis as a Critical Success Factor

August 01 2017 | Mark Breading

The whole transportation sector is in for massive transformation. The way that people and goods will be moved from point A to point B in the future will be completely different. I am not (yet) talking about a Star Trek style transporter, although scientists have moved matter at the atomic...

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Tales of the Platform Economy: Will Brandless Become the Biggest Brand?

July 25 2017 | Mark Breading

The platform economy is becoming a driving force of innovation and growth in the world. Companies in this category create digital platforms to enable interactions between individuals or businesses that need something and individuals or business that provide something.

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InsurTech and Commercial Lines: Out from the Shadows

June 08 2017 | Mark Breading

At times, it seems like InsurTech is around every corner, with new startups materializing every day, conferences emerging out of nowhere, and accelerators doing their job of accelerating. Generally, there’s just a lot of news and noise about the phenomenon.

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Micro or Macro-Insurance: What’s It Going to Be?

May 24 2017 | Mark Breading

The concept of micro-insurance has been around for a long time, and the activity in that area is now increasing rapidly, especially due to the InsurTech movement. Pervasive mobile and digital capabilities along with cloud computing have made it much easier to insure a wide range of individual events, activities,...

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The Allure of an Un-Connected World: What It Means for Insurers

May 01 2017 | Mark Breading

Late in the 18th century, at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, a young mechanic named Ned Ludd became famous for destroying two machines. His actions spawned an anti-technology movement that lasted into the early 19th century.

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Global Insurance Symposium Observations: A Model for Collaboration

April 27 2017 | Mark Breading

The Global Insurance Accelerator, based in Des Moines, Iowa, has just participated in the fourth Global Insurance Symposium. Two of the big takeaways are that the InsurTech movement is maturing, and there is indeed convergence happening between the traditional industry and the entrepreneurial startups that have new ideas and business models.

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E-Commerce Transforms Retail … and Risks

April 27 2017 | Mark Breading

The April 2017 issue of Business Insurance Magazine features a cover story on the retail industry, and how the move to e-commerce is changing the risks faced by the insurance industry. The articles include “Retail caught flat footed by e-commerce,” and “Web revolution creates new era for retail risk management.”...

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Smart Things and the Customer Experience

April 12 2017 | Mark Breading

The inanimate world around us is coming alive, powered by smart things and AI. It is difficult to name an object for which there is no a smart version. Garage doors, thermostats, doorbells, appliances? Check. Shoes, belts, hats, shirts? Check. Cars, trucks, boats, drones? Check.

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AI/Machine Learning in Insurance: A Force to be Reckoned With

April 11 2017 | Mark Breading

A Google search on AI yields about 2.1 billion results. It is difficult to scan the news of any industry without tripping across articles on AI and machine learning. Philosophers wonder about how AI will change the nature of human existence.

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Welcome to the Robot Revolution: Realities and Risks

April 03 2017 | Mark Breading

The robots are coming. In fact, in many places, they have already arrived. Some consider software automation such as robo-advisors to be robotics, but there is also considerable progress in the world of the physical, tangible robots that are very similar to the ones made popular by a century of...

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